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Tuition Fees

   K4 thru 8th 

TUITION PAYMENT PLAN:  $5,562  (See payment plans below)

Plan # 1 – 10 month payment – August through May – 9 pmts of $558; 1 pmt. of $562; total $5,562

Plan # 2 – 12 month payment – June through May – 11 pmts of $463; 1 pmt. of $469; total $5,562

Plan # 3 – Full payment in advance  ($5,284)   5% discount with full payment upon enrollment


One child…Full Tuition Two Children…Full Tuition Three Children…½ Tuition on Youngest Child

Four Children……¼ Tuition on Youngest Child Five Children….. NO Tuition on Youngest Child


LATE FEES & Miscellaneous:

A late fee of $ 35.00 is assessed each month on any account not paid in full by due date. A RETURN CHECK will result in a $ 35.00 charge to the account. REGISTERED LETTER FEE is $ 5.50.

All parents of NORLINA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL students are required to: contribute 25 hours of their time during the school year to help with various projects  All service work will be scheduled and approved. Non served hours will be billed at $10.00 each to accounts on last statement date for May.